So this week we get back to mushy feels and romance, but media, movies, and all kinds of #BlackStuff. Champagne and I discuss the current whereabouts of the Black Lives Matter Movement, representation in TV shows, and the dopeness that is Wonder Woman. From now until episode 50, we will also be doing a d(b)ad jokes competition and the winners reward will be revealed in episode 50.


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In this episode, we finally give our responses to some of the questions that we have posed to you on our social media pages. Is chivalry dead? Did women or men kill it? And who in the H*ll is Andre??? Special guest Rita *last name*, aka JustRita, joins us as we spill ALL the tea on being pretty (and not just for a Black girl), independent women, the Carmichael show, and saying the wrong name during you better #StickAroundandStayTuned!

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