It all started about a year ago when I had to face the truth that I failed at my marriage. Depressed, and with no outlet to express myself, it became really difficult to socialize and interact with others. Losing my sanity, my spirituality, and almost losing my apartment, I had just about checked out on life. As cliche as it sounds, 2016 rolled around and I promised myself I would have a better year. With kind words from the the people I love, forward thinking, and a creative mind at the helm of it all, this journey that I am embarking on is only the start for me.


The show started back in March 2016 as a variety show about every subject matter, with the first episode titled "Dawn Of the Coolest Podcast." Topics range from political debates to having casual conversations about random thoughts. It's regular host/creator, Seejaystillthecoolest, invites guests to have real conversations while having a great time doing it.